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NST Order2Mail 1.4.1

Realease 1.4.1 of Order2Mail - notifications plugin for VirtueMart.

Version 1.4.1 changes:

Changed too strict e-mail verification when adding new rules causing domains like "" to fail
Added rounding of orderTotal ammount
Fixed a couple of formatting bugs within billing and shipping address replacements
Ability to display default and custom userfields inside of your e-mail notifications. Use {userfieldfieldname} tag to display any field from userfields data table.
Billing and shipping address have been split up. {customerAddress} now displays billing address only. To display shipping address add {customerAddressST} tag
Date and time replacements - {date} {time} {datetime}
Order status replacements - {status} {statuscode}
Track where the order change occured - {frontback} tag that displays string "site" or "admin" depending on where the order change has happened
Options to display product vendor and manufacturer for each product within the {products} replacement tag
Check out all features and some possible usage scenarios
For installation and configuration instructions visit order2mail documentation
NST Order2Mail for Virtuemart
Order2Mail 1.4.1 fixes a couple of bugs and brings quite a few new useful features
Date 2013-10-12 License GNU/GPL System  Joomla 2.5
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