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Detailed plugin options -  settings overview, rules, email templates and general backend usage help.


NST Complete Google Analytics plugin enables you set up web analytics data collection on your site. The basic configuration requires just the IDs of your Google Analytics properties.
The advanced options enable you to fine tune which and how data is reported back to Google Analytics. That way you can use filters, profiles or segmenation techniques to better analyze your site.
Upon successful Joomla plugin installation, no other modification action is necessary, the plugin works on any valid template.

Basic options
All that is needed to get you going is to enter your Google Analytics references.
Use Classic/Universal Analytics Enable the tracker.
Classic/Universal Analytics Property number Enter the UA-XXXXX-Y number of your property from Google Analytics.
Both properties can be used at the same time with this extension. Note the numbers will be unique for each version - Classic and Universal.
Track Subdomains
Root domain for subdomain tracking
By default, Google Analytics doesn't track subdomain hits. This option enables collection of all data and set a root domain label.
Advanced options
Some advanced general collection configurations. The defaults work fine in general.
Set sample rate (%) You may have a reason to lower the default 100% sample rate.
Set speed sample rate (%) Google allows for a maximum of 10k/day, but collects speed data at 1% of all visits. You may increase this rate with this option.
Session Timeout Length of an visit session. Defaults to 30 minutes. Changing this value will influence your Visit-related data (visit depth, recency and even bounce rate on very low values).
User Tracking Options
You may want to base some reports/stats on groups of users. For that you need to get the user name reported. Note: Applies only to front-end logged in users.
Track Individual Users Enable reporting of Joomla user names to Google Analytics
Users not to be tracked Select excluded groups of user from reporting. Exclude None, Exclude All, or Exclude selected (see next option)
Selected Users Regular expression of user names to be excluded from tracking (case in-sensitive).
Track method Select reporting method - SetVar is a deprecated Google Analytics call, but it still works and allows for profile filtering. CustomVar is a new method, allows for multiple values for a user sessions etc. If you do not plan to use profile filtering, use CustomVar.
User Action Tracking Options
Profile actions which don't show up in Google Analytics by default. Using Event calls bound via onClick to certain action.
Track File Downloads Tag links pointing to specified file extensions with the 'Link' event category and 'Download' event action.
Tracked File Extensions Regexp matches of urls detected as downloads.
Categorize Downloads Use prefix for the label?
Download Category Prefix for the event label.
Track Mail-to Links Tag mailto links with "UI actions" event category and "mailto" event action. The exact mailto is reported in the event label.
Mail-to Category Prefix for the event label.
Track External Links Tag external links with the 'Link' event category and 'Outbound' event action.
Track Exact Links Report the exact external link in the event label.
External Links Category Prefix for the event label
Legacy tracking options
Some of the data collection options. After the introduction of asynchronous trackers and referer detections their usage has declined. Included for completness' sake.
Track Browser Info Report browser info, visible in Analytics Audience Technology statistics.
Check Cookie Integrity (deprecated, no longer interferes with cross domain data collection)
Detect Flash Capability Report Flash version, visible in Analytics Audience Technology stats.
Track Page Title May be useful if your pages have no or too long titles polluting your "Content by Title" reports.
First search variable
Second search variable
Ignored Organic 1/2
Ignored Referral 1/2
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