NST Order2Mail for VirtueMart features

NST order notification for Virtuemart 2 conditions 

Highly configurable e-mail notification plugin for Virtuemart orders

Main features:
  • Send out custom e-mails on any order status change
  • Define separate recipients, subject and body (text/html)
  • Unlimited number of rules with multiple recipients
  • Allows complex criteria definition for each rule
  • Support for separate html/text e-mail templates
  • E-mail subject and body replacements
  • Front and/or back-end handling

Usage scenarios:
Separate body
Send out only information the recipient needs to see

  • Define separate e-mail templates as needed for each rule
  • Define separate recipient(s) for each rule
  • Fine-tune conditions for even better data security
Product notifications
Notification based on product parameters

  • Notifications for product or group of products
  • Set up notifications for one or more categories
  • Vendor and/or manufacturer specific notifications
Shipment method notification
If your shipment methods need handling by different people/warehouse

  • Set up notifications for specific order shipment method or group of methods
  • Include custom order information for specific email(s)
  • Add country criteria to distribute orders to appropriate warehouse
Multilingual representatives
Accommodate for communication in more languages

  • Notify appropriate representative(s) based on user billing country
  • Representative notification e-mails in different languages
  • Add time of day criteria to adapt for different customer or employee timezone(s)
Transaction security monitoring
Inspect specific orders that may rise suspicion

  • Get notified if an order reaches certain amount
  • Monitor usage of specific payment method(s)
  • Monitor usage of certain currency
  • Include customer IP address in the email
  • Define customer countries for further review
Customer communication
Customer checkout support and follow-up communication

  • Notify responsible if order enters selected error state(s) (not paid, refunded, etc.) for further checkout support
  • Notify to send follow-up email for orders reaching final or defined states
  • Send out notifications also for administrator back-end order status changes
  • Monitor Vendor activity for multi-vendor stores


NST Order2Mail for Virtuemart

Send unlimited e-mails upon order status change based on order criteria

Date 2013-02-26 License GNU/GPL System  Joomla 3.0 & Joomla 2.5

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