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Detailed plugin options -  settings overview, rules, email templates and general backend usage help.

NST order notification for Virtuemart 2 configuration NST order notification for Virtuemart 2 conditionsNST order notification for Virtuemart 2 configuration detailsNST order notification for Virtuemart 2 configuration details

The basic concept of NST Order2Mail plugin are notification rules. Rule is a set of order criteria with corresponding recipients and other parameters.

Upon every order status change, the plugin examines the rules for matching criteria. If all of the configured criteria within one rule match, the e-mail(s) will be sent out. NST Order2Mail sends out e-mails using standard Joomla sending mechanism setup in Global configuration.
Note that these notifications are send along VirtueMart vendor e-mails.

Criteria evaluation
As said before, only if all defined criteria match, the rule gets executed.
The combination of AND-ed criteria and OR-ed rules allows total flexibility in setting up all needed order notifications.

NST Order2Mail can be used with Joomla 2.5 and all versions of Virtuemart 2. Install the plugin using Joomla extension manager. Then go to plugin manager, enable order2mail plugin and configure your rulesets.
Note that the plugin will appear in shipment plugins in Virtuemart shipment methods configuration. Do not add or publish the plugin as a shipment plugin or it will appear within the shipment methods of your shop.
For the rulesets to work, the plugin relies on jQuery library. It will auto-detect and include the library if necessary from googleapis.

Configuring notification rules

Configuration is split into two parameter panels - basic parameters and notification parameters.
Even though you can use standard Joomla save/save&close buttons for basic parameters, manipulation with the rules has to be done via save/save as new/delete buttons at the top and bottom of notification parameters.

Basic parameters:
NST Order2Mail basic parametersBasic parameters are shared among all created rules. Basic parameters are mandatory. Only exception can be Email body parameter, if you define an email template file in your rules.

Include jQueryjQuery is needed to create rules in the backend. You can choose not to include jQuery if you already include a version > 1.7. Safe to choose auto here.
Fromsender e-mail address used for replies as well
Sender namename of sender displayed in e-mail clients
Subjectnotification subject with template markup replacements (see below)
E-mail bodydefault e-mail body (HTML with template markup). Used if there is no specific template file (see below) configured for the rule

Notification rules:
NST order2mail notification rules All parameters below are rule specific. Note that these parameters can only be manipulated using green save as new/save/delete buttons (do not use Joomla save/save & close buttons).

NST order notification for Virtuemart 2 conditions
Action buttons - Order2Mail plugin has three own action buttons. These need to be used when manipulating rules.
Save button saves changes into currently selected rule.
Save as new creates a new rule from save one. Select an existing rule, change name and other parameters.
The delete button will remove currently selected rule from list.

Selected rulelist of saved rules. Selected rule is the one you edit. Choose the "new rule" value from the listbox and begin to edit a blank rule
Rule namename your new rules. Since the rules are handled by names, you can enter the name of an existing rule as a shortcut to store changes
Target emailse-mail addresses that are supposed to be notified one per line
Email fileenter absolute path of e-mail html/text template to be used for selected rule
Order stateenter order state(s) triggering the rule. This parameter is mandatory, otherwise the rule will not be triggered at all.

Rule criteria
NST order notification complex criteria Set as many order criteria that have to be matched as needed. If you omit all criteria, the rule will be triggered on order state match.

Front/back-endchoose whether to notify order statuch changes in front-end, back-end or both.
Categoriesif any product in order belongs to selected categories the rule gets triggered
Countriesmatched against customer billing address
Productsnotify for specific product(s)
Vendorsvendor(s) id match
Manufacturersif any of the products match specified manufacturer
Shipment methodscheck shipper of customer order
Payment methodscheck payment method selected for order
Currenciesfor multi-currency shops to match if user selected predefined currencies
Time intervaldefine hours and minutes of day (24h format like "16:25", respects Joomla time-zone). Starting time is matched less or equal (<=), ending time greater or eual (>=)
Amount intervalstarting and ending amount to trigger the rule. Starting amount is matched less or equal (<=), ending amount greater or eual (>=)
Include manufacturerchose whether manufacturer name should be display inside {products} replacement
Include vendorchose whether vendor shop name should be display inside {products} replacement tag

E-mail templates:

You can select a separate e-mail html template file for each rule you create. Within this e-mail you can use numerous predefined replacements: 

total order amount
total product quantity
order number
total taxx amount
total discount amount
User IP address
Shipping fee
User e-mail address
User full name
link to first product of the order
backend order URL to be included in href
Customer address - ST if filled
Product list
Shipping address entered by user
Date and time of order change (mm/dd/YYYY HH:MM)
Date of order change (mm/dd/YYYY)
Time of order change (HH:MM)
Order status name
Order status code (1 capitalized character)
Display where the order change occurred (site/admin)
Display any defined shopper fields from userfields table

Defining shopper userfield replacements:
Let's say the field you want to display has title "Company Name" and name company from billing address. You can include such field with {userfieldBTcompany} replacement tag. This way you can include any shopper field, even the ones you define yourself.
Be aware that you have to use name field not the title field. BT tag stands for billing address, ST type for shipping address data.

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